My Setup as a Software Developer

16 January 17 Ben Dickman

I often will read blog posts about other software developers setups and so thought why not write a post on my current kit.


  • MacBook Pro 13" with Retina display - I have had this machine for over two years and absolutely love it! It is still performing fantastically well and I can run anything I need without any issue. I sometimes even develop solely on this machine with no other screens attached. 
  • BenQ 24" monitors x 2 - When I am in full developer mode I will connect the MacBook to some decent size screens and I find these Benq monitors to be excellent quality for a relatively small cost. 
  • Monitor Arms - I have limited desktop space and these monitor arms are an excellent way to free up some much needed space, plus you can add additional arms for up to six screens. Gives me an excuse to buy some more kit!
  • Logitech keyboard & mouse - Nothing too fancy here, just a decent quality keyboard and mouse. The keyboard has a good layout so I can use the various shortcuts easily. It's amazing how a change of keyboard can slow you down until you get used to the layout!


  • Parallels Desktop for Mac - This allows me to run Windows on my Mac. I was slightly apprehensive before I purchased this software, however, it runs amazingly well. I can run Visual Studio for my .Net web development and at times I forget I am running a VM it is that seamless. Highly recommended.
  • Visual Studio 2015 - I have used various versions of Visual Studio for many years now and have always really enjoyed its features. If you cannot justify the license cost, use the Community edition, it's free!
  • Visual Studio Code - Sometimes I do not required all of the features of Visual Studio 2015 and so switch to Visual Studio Code, this is a more refined code editor competing with the likes of Sublime. 
  • Notepad++ - Not much needs to be said here, every developer has this installed right?
  • Fiddler - Great tool for web debugging, I mainly use this for testing my web API calls.

 Well that's my setup, all this talk of equipment is making me want to buy some new kit!

See you next time, Ben.